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of FarCry4 v1.4.0. it was a while that a free crack of FarCry4.7z version of FarCry 4 Crack 4.7. Start download FarCry 4 Crack 4.7z version now.Q: What is the difference between RPE and RoE? As far as I know, RPE is the ratio of peak to mean heart rate and RoE is the ratio of the steady state oxygen consumption to the steady state metabolic demand. I know what is the meaning of each term. But I don't know whether they are the same thing or they are different. What is the difference? Thanks. A: RPE (riding power equivalent) is a general term for the metabolic cost of riding. It is the average cost per unit of power output. It is a ratio of peak power (power output) and average power (power output averaged over a time period). The best way I know to interpret this term is as the ratio of the power output to the power output per minute. RoE is the ratio of steady-state oxygen consumption to metabolic demand. It is a term you have to calculate, not just look at. The calculation of RoE is the steady-state oxygen consumption divided by steady-state metabolic demand, so the mathematical definition would be mean oxygen consumption (in milligrams per kilogram of body weight per minute) divided by mean metabolic demand (in watts). To calculate this, you would first calculate the average metabolic demand per minute. This is your workload, the amount of work that your metabolism can do. Then you calculate the steady-state oxygen consumption. This is the amount of oxygen that your body is consuming while working at the workload (workload divided by total time). Finally, you calculate the ratio of these two. You can also calculate RoE as the steady-state oxygen consumption divided by power output. The ratio of steady-state oxygen consumption and mean power output is the same as RoE, since in steady state oxygen consumption is not affected by the frequency of power output. Q: Android: LocationListener not working I am using LocationListener for my Android app. The locationListener works perfectly in simulator, but not in the device. I am using a Nexus 4 as a test device. Here is my code: import android.content.Context; import android.location.Location; import android.location.Location



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