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About Hatchets & Arrows

Hatchets & Arrows is a lifestyle brand based out of Seattle, Wa. We are a brand that motivate others to grind and work hard at what they love to do, to become the best version of themselves, while inspiring others to do the same.




noun: hatchet; plural noun: hatchets

  1. Grind

  2. Hardwork

  3. The Hustle





noun: arrow; plural noun: arrows

  1. Direction // Constant progress

  2. Having an open mindset to ideas

  3. Finding your "why" and doing what it takes to execute each goal.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to progressively build high standards in outside of the box thinking, so that we may continue to approach our ideas with passion and commitment. In order to do so, we will continue to follow the meaning behind Hatchets & Arrows.


-Progressive movement-

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